CLIENT Stories

" I initially sought out a trainer because what I was doing by myself wasn't working. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get stronger after becoming vegan. The information I was hearing from other people and reading online was confusing me too. I wanted to find a way to remove the stress and get the results I wanted. Matt listened to my concerns and helped to build a plan that worked for me. I feel more confident in the gymand in my ability to get the results I want. Matt has helped show me my potential. The sessions fly by, the variety makes every session enjoyable and the plan is also personalised to my lifestyle and goals. Not having to train alone all of the time is a big benefit too!I also feel more relaxed about my training and nutrition as a whole. I know that if I miss a session or want to eat out with friends that it is not the end of the World. I can get back on track the next day. It's great that I don't stress out about that anymore."


"Before working with Matt I was worried that it might not work for me, or I might not enjoy the style of training. I worried it might be too tough.‍Matt put my mind at ease from day 1. I have worked with him before and after my pregnancy. I feel stronger, look better, I am more confident in my technique and more able to do things I would never have done before. Like training alone in the gym or going to yoga/spin/group exercise classes. The accountability of training consistently has helped to transform how Iook and feel. My sessions are always set to how I'm feeling too; whether I full of energy or feeling tired after a tough week at work or looking after my son."


"I started looking for a trainer because I was paying for an expensive gym membership that I wasn’t using and I was fed up with feeling tired all of the time. I needed some motivation, a plan that was tailored to my goals and I wanted to learn how to exercise properly.Before training with Matt I was worried about sharing my concerns and insecurities with a trainer. Matt listened and helped to normalise these concerns. That made me feel much more comfortable working with a trainer straight away. In the time that I have worked with Matt I have seen and felt many benefits in my life. I am happier with the way I look and my self-esteem has improved - for the first time in my life I felt confident enough to put my holiday photos online. My friends, family and co-workers have noticed positive changes in me too!The sessions are always adapted to my mood, energy and life events. No matter how I feel going into a session, I know that I will walk out feeling great. The combination of working with someone and the variety in each session makes exercise a lot more enjoyable too.Overall, I have more energy, my mood is better and I feel like I’ve got the capacity to do more in life. Fitness is a part of my life now. I have trained for and completed a half marathon and I hike with friends regularly. I enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise.I can’t recommend Matt enough."