Your Health & Fitness Jigsaw

Health and fitness is simple.....on paper. In reality, though, it is more like a jigsaw.

Why do you keep trying to improve your health and fitness?  Do you want to lose weight?  Maybe you want more energy to get through your day? 

Achieving these goals, on paper, is fairly simple; eat fewer calories, exercise more and improve your sleep quality.

Life, unfortunately, isn’t an equation on a piece of paper.  Instead, it is more like a jigsaw:    

  • Some people will have a fairly simple 100 piece jigsaw, whilst others will have a complex 1000 piece jigsaw (how much time and effort your goal will need).
  • Some people will have more time during their day to sit down and try and complete the jigsaw (what is your life balance like?  Do you have a lot going on at work, with your family, hobbies and relationships etc?)
  • Some people may open the box and find that some pieces are already together (what are your current habits & fitness like?)
  • And sometimes you sit down and you seem to be able to easily make great progress on the jigsaw.  Other times you will sit staring intensely at the jumbled pieces, unable to make any progress at all.

So, before you even open the box you need to manage your expectations by:

  • Knowing how many pieces your jigsaw has.
  • The complexity of the picture you are trying to make. 
  • Your skill level.
  • The time that you have available to work on the jigsaw.
  • Knowing that progress is not linear.

By understanding these points before you begin you will be more able to set an action plan, prepare for obstacles and manage your (inevitable) frustrations when progress does not go as expected.

Today, I leave you with this question:

What does your health & fitness jigsaw look like?  Is it a simple 100 piece jigsaw or a 1000 piece blank white monster?

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