The key habit to transform every area of your life

The key habit to transform every area of your life

There are certain key habits that will unlock other areas of your life; whether that be exercise or well-being.

How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

Did you wake up feeling full of energy and ready to take on your day?  Or did you wake up feeling like you had sandpaper for eyelids whilst you tried to find your most prominent vein for your coffee IV drip?

I know I was the latter this morning, and that’s why I am sending out this email later than I usually do.  

Feeling low on energy is the number one killer of productivity in any area of my life, and so too for most people.  You might find your work quality dropping off, find yourself vegging at home more often or just not feeling like your best self.

Focusing on improving your energy levels is THE habit that will transform your life.  You will make better use of your finite time, be the best version of yourself for others in your life and generally be a happier person.  You will be more productive, have more motivation and better clarity.  

As with most of my content, you probably already know what to do.  But let’s run through my top 6 areas to focus on to help improve your energy levels so that you can build your own plan:

  1. Eat enough quality food to power your body and mind:  Eating too few calories or eating too much junk will both mess with your energy levels - especially if you are exercising.  And we all know what eating too much junk food does to our energy levels!  

  2. Move and exercise:  If you have a desk job, then make sure you have 5 minute ‘energy’ breaks every hour or so.  Get up, move and get the blood pumping around your body.  This will give both your body and mind a break.  Adding some enjoyable exercise to the mix will help to boost your capacity and improve your overall health & well-being.  Don’t overdo the exercise though.  That too can sap your energy.

  3. Get quality sleep:  Spending some time to properly wind down before bed will help you to drop off more quickly and improve your actual sleep quality.  This one alone can really transform your life!  It’s definitely my key energy habit.

  4. Limit caffeine after midday: I don’t like writing this as my caffeine addiction is slowly returning.  I love my coffee!  It can take 6-10 hours for the caffeine to be cleared from your body.  That 4pm pick me up might be impacting your sleep quality.
  5. Be aware of your own energy sappers:  what are the things that you know will drain your energy in the long term?  These are normally the things that will give you a buzz in the now, but will take away from you later on.  For me, it is mindless internet browsing (especially before bed), drinking too much coffee and eating too much junk food.  Limit these and don’t let one episode derail you.

Which areas do you think you could focus on?  Is there more than one?  If so, then I will stick with my normal recommendations.  Focus on one area at a time.  Master that area.  As your energy improves you will find yourself more willing and able to try other areas (or that one area may be enough).

Here’s to an energetic March (as long as Jorgé doesn’t bring too many more friends to our shores)!  

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