5 Simple Steps to a Tasty & Healthy Breakfast

5 Simple Steps to a Tasty & Healthy Breakfast

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Ahhhhhhh.  Morning.  It’s that time of the day when you are battling the warmth & comfort of your bed and needing to get up to attack your day.

Time is at a premium.  And that often means skipping breakfast.  And skipping breakfast can either lead to hanger, excessive snacking or overeating at lunch or dinner.

I’m always looking to help clients find simple solutions to lasting problems.  And one of those solutions is 'Super Shakes'.

Super shakes can be a quick and easy way to prepare a breakfast that ticks all of the boxes and keeps you tied over until lunch.  

Here’s how to prepare a super shake in 6 simple steps (you’ll need a blender for this).

  1. Pick a protein powder: add 1-2 scoops of your favourite flavour and type of protein powder.
  2. Pick a carb: add 1-2 cupped handfuls of fruit (banana, apples, berries, dates, pineapple, mango) or oats.  (I like a cupped handful of each).
  3. Pick a veg: add some more nutrition and fibre by adding a veggie that doesn’t have an overpowering taste such as spinach, celery or cucumber.
  4. Pick a fat: add 1-2 thumb-sized portions of nuts, seeds or nut butters.
  5. Pick a mixer: water, aalmond milk, cows milk or soy milk are good chocies.   Add between 125 & 250 ml depending on how thick you want the shake to be.
  6. Blend and enjoy.

The portion sizes that you use will depend on your goals and preferences (if you want some help with this, feel free to send me an email).

And that's it for today.

This weeks takeaway

If you find yourself snacking or overeating at lunch and dinner, then building the breakfast habit may be a solution to increase satisfaction and reduce your intake later in the day.  Super shakes are a quick and easy solution for one of the more difficult times of the day.

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