Personal Training

One on one or small group personal training designed to help you move better, feel stronger & fitter and to transform your body.

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If you are new to training or are coming back after a layoff, no matter how long, I will work alongside you to help your reach your fitness goals. I am not the type of trainer who wants to run you into the ground. My goal is to help build you up gradually so that you can improve every week and so that you are able to make a more active lifestyle the norm.

Maybe you aren't a fan of busy gyms, intense group exercise classes or long, boring cardio sessions. Maybe you are finding it hard to stick to your own routine or stay motivated to follow along with YouTube or app-based workouts. Or, maybe you want to build the confidence and competence to work out by yourself.

If you want the highest level of support and attention then personal training will offer you that. You will learn how to move safely & effectively.  You will progress at a rate that suits you. You will exercise to look, feel and perform better. You will build your confidence inside and outside of the gym.

This is more than just an hour long training session. The goal is to get progressively better week after week. As a team, we will regularly check in, review your progress and make changes to your plan to keep you moving forward at a pace suits you. We will work to gradually increase your activity levels between your sessions; whether that be training in the gym, training at home or getting out for walks.

In your sessions, we'll train with a mixture of flexibility training, body weight training, weight training, core and cardio to give your body everything it needs to look and feel at it's best. We'll work to a level that suits your current fitness level (my goal isn't to push you as hard as I possibly can) and make the training experience as enjoyable as possible.

I work out of a fully equipped private personal training studio in Merton Abbey Mills. Training in the studio will ensure you get the most out of your sessions and will help you to build confidence away from the busy commercial gyms.