Lean Living Coaching

Lose weight and transform your fitness - without following another intensive diet or boring exercise program. A combination of one on one personal training and nutrition coaching.

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What to Expect

Lose weight- for good

End the frustrating yo-yo dieting cycle.  Learn the skills to meet your health & fitness goals once and for all.

Have more energy

Transform your fitness and energy levels so that you can meet the demands of your life -day in, day out.


Build the confidence to take on whatever life throws at you -both inside and outside of the gym.


Stop training alone in a gym with a plan that has no variety or progression.  Enjoy an engaging training environment.

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Bespoke Sessions

All personal training sessions are designed for you goals, current fitness levels and preferences.

Nutrition Coaching

Simple & precise nutrition coaching to transform your body, health& energy -all without weighing any food.

Results Tracking

We will regularly measure your progress to make sure you are on track to achieve your results in the best way possible.

Accountability & 

Guidance, Support and Accountability -the 3 proven components to help keep moving you towards your goals.

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per week
Personal training sessions
Daily nutrition coaching
Habit-based coaching app
Daily lifestyle coaching
No intensive diets
Regular support
Tailored personal goals
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