Lean Living Coaching

Learn the habits to lose weight and feel your best - for good.


Bespoke Personal Training

Lift weights, move your own body and cardio to help you lose weight, boost your energy and transform your fitness.

Habit-based coaching

You will break your bigger goals into bite-sized habits that will allow you to maintain your results with less stress.

Your own habit app

Daily lessons, habits and check-ins to take action, build your knowledge and provide support and accountability.


Regular goal-based tracking to make sure you are on track and to make changes as needed.

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Lose weight & improve your health

Drop weight and boost your health without following another stressful & restrictive diet.


Guidance, Support and Accountability to help keep moving you towards your goals.

Simple & sustainable

Focus on building one skill at a time, which is perfect if you have a hectic schedule or are new to fitness.


You will learn to enjoy the process, rather than dreading another restrictive diet or intense training program.


per month
Personal training sessions
Daily nutrition coaching
Habit-based coaching app
Daily lifestyle coaching
No intensive diets
Regular support
Tailored personal goals
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