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Lean Living Coaching is a 6-month coaching program designed for people who have busy lives and want to achieve brilliant, yet sustainable results.  It combines personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help you lose weight, build your strength and boost your energy.  It's a 'year-round' or 'lifestyle' plan, designed to help you achieve and maintain your results with less stress.

Who's it for?

What you get.


Lose weight, improve your energy and feel better

You will lose body fat, feel stronger and more energetic.  You'll feel like you have the capacity to take on whatever life throws at you.


Habit-Based Coaching App

Your bigger goals are broken down into smaller, more manageable habits.  Each habit feeds into the next to achieve better and more sustainable results  You'll receive daily lessons to boost your knowledge and confidence and support to help keep you on track.


Bespoke Personal Training

Your training sessions are designed to match your goals and preferences.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, are currently working out or are new to working out, your sessions will meet you where you are currently.


No Intensive Diets

You've probably got enough to think about.  Our nutrition coaching is broken down into key habits, helping you to focus and master one step at a time.  No calorie counting or excessive restriction.


Goal Setting, Tracking & Review

You'll break your goals down and have a plan designed to help achieve those goals.  You'll receive regular tracking and review to make sure you are on track and to make changes as needed.

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