"I started looking for a trainer because I was paying for an expensive gym membership that I wasn’t using and I was fed up with feeling tired all of the time. I needed some motivation, a plan that was tailored to my goals and I wanted to learn how to exercise properly.Before training with Matt I was worried about sharing my concerns and insecurities with a trainer. Matt listened and helped to normalise these concerns. That made me feel much more comfortable working with a trainer straight away. In the time that I have worked with Matt I have seen and felt many benefits in my life. I am happier with the way I look and my self-esteem has improved - for the first time in my life I felt confident enough to put my holiday photos online. My friends, family and co-workers have noticed positive changes in me too!The sessions are always adapted to my mood, energy and life events. No matter how I feel going into a session, I know that I will walk out feeling great. The combination of working with someone and the variety in each session makes exercise a lot more enjoyable too.Overall, I have more energy, my mood is better and I feel like I’ve got the capacity to do more in life. Fitness is a part of my life now. I have trained for and completed a half marathon and I hike with friends regularly. I enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise.I can’t recommend Matt enough."


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