Hi there.  I'm Matt. I've been running Revolution Lifestyles since 2012.

I believe that the time, effort & energy you invest in your transformation should be worth it; my approach to health/fitness coaching is different to what you may expect.  

I am big on creating a co-active environment with clients; one where we work together to build your system.  Training sessions, whilst challenging, shouldn't leave you having a near death experience on the floor. All coaching is habit based; it keeps it simple, effective and at a pace that allows change to 'stick'.
I want to help empower you to lead a more active lifestyle; so you can do, be and feel your best.



You may feel apprehensive about stepping into the world of health and fitness.  You may feel like your time and energy is already at a premium.  And you may not want to completely overhaul your lifestyle and give up the finer things in life.  You may have seen your health and fitness slowly decline as other responsibilities have taken over.  Or your current approach may have stopped working for you.

This is why Revolution Lifestyles was formed; to offer a different approach to the usual rapid, unsustainable approach to weight loss.  I want to work with you at a pace that suits you.  So that health and fitness becomes an enjoyable part of your life.  It is something you feel empowered to do, rather than feel obliged to do.  

If you are looking for another unsustainable rapid fat loss program, then my approach probably isn't for you right now.  But if you want to lead a more active lifestyle for years to come then this may be a new approach that you are ready for.